Our founder: Johanna Quintero

I Founded Lauranna following a dream I had since I was a little girl surrounded by needles, thread and embroidery hoops and saw my mother embroidering for many hours every night. I always heard from her and her friends that her art was not well paid. So after settling here in the USA and finding that many people appreciated this art, I decided to undertake this mission of helping not only my mother who is one of our most active artisans, but also other women who, like her, support  their families  with its embroidery and knitting in  different materials.

A little bit about me , I am a Spanish teacher in a High School in Katy , Texas, I have three children  with my husband Eddie.  As an interesting fact when I found Lauranna my little boy was not in the plans and that is  why the name only included the two girls.  At the end, I just have to say that he is our CEO because everything goes around him being a little spoiled boy with two older sisters.


Our Story 

LAURANNA Artisan Modern Fashion is a socially responsible  brand, our mission is to support artisan women from different regions of Colombia. We produce  and fair-trade an exclusive selection of unique handmade accessories and versatile garments. All our  products are made by the best Colombian artisan hands who for decades have put all of their dedication into each and every stitch; they are  specially created for the modern woman who appreciate the handmade and the story behind them.


LAURANNA is named after the founder two daughters: Laura & AnnaSophia and was inspired to honor their maternal grandmother (pictured right) and other artisan women (handmade embroiderers) from Cartago, Colombia a small town well recognized as the international capital of embroidery.